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Medical transcription

Medical transcription is a $12 billion industry responsible for nearly 60% of the 1.2 billion clinical documents produced annually in the United States.
  • We provide the credentials that you need with competitive pricing
  • Medical Transcription A to Z includes hundreds of reports that you will transcribe in all major specialties.
  • All dictation is taken from actual medical recordings and therefore critical internship or apprenticeship is obtained.
  • Medical Transcription A to Z focuses on preparing you for the real world.
  • We are an actual medical transcription service. You have the option to work directly with our company as an independent contractor, upon successful completion of A to Z.

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What Makes Us So Special

  • Our price structure is highly competitive
  • Our clients love us. We have superb references!
  • We are accurate and provide a great turnaround time.
  • Large or small volumes of work.

What Clients Say About Us

We enjoy a very valuable relationship with Medsoltech and look forward to many more years of mutual success.
Dr. Hamid Mahmood (Internal Medicine)
From something bad, we found something good. Thank you, Waqas and your team, for years of wonderful and dedicated service.
Dr. Farhan Qureshi, Internal Medicine
I have found that the staff at Medosltech is very efficient, professional and thorough. They are by far the best billing service.
Dr. Saud Ahemd Infectious Diseases
Without doubt, you have brought a great deal of comfort to my clients, and I would strongly recommend your services.
Dr. Zahid Infectious Diseases