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Our specialized staff is trained with the necessary knowledge when contacting insurance carriers, attorneys, state and federal agencies and hospital clientele. We are continually updating our policies and billing procedures to ensure clients receive prompt reimbursement of claims. Physicians’ Network Billing Service is continually updating its billing and coding practices to accommodate other physicians groups and industries.

Our goal is to make our clients, and their patients, our number one priority by offering a personable service in all aspects of communication.

Now, more than ever, you have a responsibility to your fiscal bottom line. Your insurance rates are rising, and the other overhead expenses of your practice aren't coming down any time soon.


Who is Medsotech?

We are a medical billing specialist company in business since 2000. We help medical practices throughout the nation to improve their cash flow, submit accurate claims for prompt insurance reimbursements, lower overhead costs and reduce stress related to medical billing and coding operations.

What is your service?

We provide comprehensive and flexible medical billing services and consulting for physician practice groups that improve cash flow, revenue and efficiency through streamlined processes including Electronic Processing, healthcare Clearinghouse and medical billing software integration that automate billing operations.

Who is it for?

Physicians, physician groups, hospitals, emergency departments, urgent care centers, radiology groups, anesthesia groups and physicial therapy groups can all benefit from our services.

Our Team

Welcome to T.E.A.M of Medsoltech. Our Company Is Made Up Of Certified Practice Management & Certified Billing Staff offering A Wide Range Of Medical Service To Practices

Nauman Ali


Waqas Hussain

Director Operations

Azeem Gillani

Director Marketing & Sales